toddler being taught to walk by an adult

Many kids on the autism spectrum face the difficulty of not ‘fitting in.’ Tyler was an elementary aged boy who showed some delays in speech and social development. During everyday life he spoke in a whisper, which had created a lot of issues around communication. His frustrations around affected his social development and attention span. In March he began receiving music therapy 2 times per week. He had individual time for 20 minutes and attended an hour -long group session on the following day.

During music he enjoyed finding letters on a keyboard, making instrument choices, and listening to dance moves in song. By May, his enthusiasm for the music routine, which was developed for him, manifested with him finding his loud voice! He began boldy showing his intelligence and personality through interacting verbally, and was able to get more out of his school and social environments. In the group music setting, his growth helped him form more expressive sentences, he increased his attention span and attention to task, and reduced the behaviors that he had developed out of being frustrated.